List of forex news sources

Looking for Forex News?

Here is the list of some print and web Forex news sources: (listed in an arbitrary order).

ABC News—updates its news several times a day and updates Forex news several times a week. Tends to cover the major events in the world of Forex.
ForexHelp.com—focuses in full length on one major story. Afterwards, it focuses shortly on a few top Forex topics. Then it provides Forex news, which are updated a few times a day. All information is relevant.
Bloomberg.com—provides high quality news. Divides information into several categories to ease your reading. Covers important social, political and economical data.

Reuters—is an excellent source of information. Focuses on worldwide news, has a large global appeal due to its many international offices. News is constantly updated. Offers a lot of Forex news.
MarketWatch, Inc—belongs to Dow Jones & Company, Inc. Provides radio updates every half hour—accessible via their website. Also, is a good provider of special reports.
The Wall Street Journal; The Wall Street Journal Online—provides business news and financial information on a daily basis, including analysis. The site is divided into sub-sites as per the different continents; there are different web versions for the different continents.
BBC NEWS—provides news about all subjects, always in a fresh and professional manner. In their “Economy” section you will find various kinds of economical issues. Search the site for whatever you are looking for and you will surely find it.
The Financial Times Review/ FT.com—report excellently about business. News is updated several times a day. Forex news is updates once a day.
CNBC.com—leads in business news and provides fresh and real-time market coverage. Website offers videos.
CNN.com—is a leader of news both domestically and internationally. Extremely professional, clear, and well written. Forex news can be found on the site, however it is not updated daily. All information on it is relevant and useful.
The Washington Post—reports on many issues and does so in the highest quality. Their “Business” category is large and you will find many interesting articles there.
Guardian Unlimited—covers Forex news, but is not dedicated to it. Does contain much financial, business, economic news. All news is professional, well written, and pleasurable to read.
FX Week—is a good source of Forex news as it focuses on Forex. Provides commentary on Forex technology, strategy, currencies, etc. However most of the information is limited to subscribers only.
Business Week/BusinessWeek.com—leads in business news. Provides news in a wide range of categories, very interesting articles, and has a good search engine.

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