Forex robots and Expert Advisor

Forex Robots… No, this isn’t the title of some new hit Sci-Fi movie about futuristic robots—Forex robots really do exist! Or rather, Forex robot programs exist.

The Forex Robot could be of use to any trader and/or investor. It automatically manages one’s account, hence, functioning like a money manager. It allows the trader/investor to step away from his/her trading platform without having to fear that s/he will “miss out” on a great moneymaking opportunity. The Forex Robot will manage one’s account at all times; it will constantly monitor all market movements and will look out for investment opportunities. The Forex robot is programmed to look for short-term opportunities in the Forex market; during a trading day it will look for opportunities in currency pairs. After closely tracking currency movements it will make decisions based on the market. It will execute them speedily and accurately, like a highly trained, highly skilled professional trader.

Expert traders, investors, and money-managers designed the Forex Robot. Their aim was to create some sort of an alternative to traditional trading, in which the analyzing (of trends) and the execution (of transactions) were to be carried out by a….well, machine. This way, they philosophized, emotions would be eliminated from the trading process…and everyone knows that emotions can be not only irrelevant but also be destructive in trading.

Sounds intriguing? You should check it out… But just remember not to let the robot turn you into a lazy trader….

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