First Contest At Rockstartemplate.com - Worth more than 200$

It's quite sometimes now that I've not participating in any contest made by our fellow bloggers. But while I'm browsing around and dropping my entrecard today, I've found a contest that I couldn't resist to participate. this contest is not judge by luck but it is judge by a point that we can accumulate. A contest made by a Rockstartemplate.com which offering a fabulous prizes. I'm listing the 1st place prizes here:

1st Place :

$ 50 Amazon.com Gift Voucher.
$ 15 Hard Cash through Paypal.
$ 20 worth Banner Advertising in Rockstartemplate.com for 1 month.
$ 15 worth Link Placement in PR 4 Blog [My Personal Blog] for 1 month.
And Get a Review at my personal Blog.

You should find the rest of the prizes and contest rules by your self at Rockstartemplate.com. Hurry! The contest ending on September 25th, 2008.


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